R&B singer Ashanti gets star on Walk of Fame

STORY: Location: Los Angeles

Singer Ashanti was honored with a

star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Her mother was by her side during the ceremony

who had bought her daughter

a souvenir star 20 years ago

Ashanti, Singer:

"She got my name put on the star, and she came back and she was like, 'you're going to get one of these one day. You're going to get one of these stars one day."

The Grammy Award-winning songwriter has released six albums

She made a Guinness World Record for fastest selling female debut artist

when her 2002 album 'Ashanti' topped the Billboard Top 200

Ja Rule, Rapper:

"I've known Ashanti over 20 years, and I'll. I just I remember when I first met her, she didn't look like this, she had a hoodie on and she had a pad and she was just in that studio dedicated to this art and this craft we call music. And it's such a tough, you know, thing to navigate and become what you become in this industry. And I just want to say, I'm proud of you. I love you."

Her star is the 2,718th on the Hollywood Walk of Fame