R. Kelly Ordered to Pay Over $300,000 in Restitution to Two Victims


R. Kelly has been ordered to pay over $309,000 in restitution to a pair of victims who testified against the convicted singer at his Brooklyn federal trial.

“Jane,” who took the stand as “Jane Doe #6” during the trial, will receive $300,000 from Kelly to cover the costs of therapy and herpes treatment; during her testimony, “Jane” accused Kelly of knowingly giving her herpes.

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“I felt this man had purposely given me something he knew he had…. He was agitated and said I could have gotten that from anyone,” “Jane” said, adding that Kelly was the only person she’d had sex with at the time. However, “Jane” was denied additional restitution for lost income.

Additionally, “Stephanie,” another victim who testified against Kelly at the Brooklyn trial, will receive approximately $8,000 — though that number will likely increase, the Department of Justice said in a statement to Rolling Stone — for her herpes treatment and psychological treatment.

However, U.S. District Judge Ann M. Donnelly denied restitution for “Sonja,” who testified during Kelly’s Brooklyn trial about being trapped in Kelly’s Chicago studio for four days, which culminated in her allegedly being sexually assaulted.

Kelly previously had $27,828 seized from his inmate commissary account earlier this month, money that was then earmarked for any potential restitution for his victims. Kelly, who was sentenced to 30 years in prison after being found guilty in his Brooklyn trial, will next be sentenced on Feb. 23, 2023, following a mixed verdict in the Chicago federal child pornography against him.

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