Rabbi considering legal action against new shutdown

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is reinstating tighter restrictions on areas where coronavirus cases are spiking. Many neighborhoods affected are home to large enclaves of Orthodox Jews, and community leaders have complained of being singled out. (Oct. 7)

Video Transcript

DOVID ZWIEBEL: And, frankly, the last thing we want to do is have a confrontation that pits us against the governor and his medical people, and so on. I hope we can avoid it but, as I said before, if we don't make any progress and we're left with what we are now, we would probably ask the courts to issue a temporary restraining order until we can figure this all out. So that's where we stand and I'm hopeful that in the hours ahead that we'll have some better news that we can celebrate and you can come right back and interview me once again.

MEIR NINMI: I understand why you need to wear a mask. I understand why you need to social distance. What bothers me is you pick on the good people. You didn't go to the rioters when they're punching each other, throwing an apple-- breaking apple, breaking maces. You didn't say, hey, take a mask. You know why? They would've thrown a stone in your face. Here, most of the people here have masks. One out of 100 doesn't, don't have masks. What are you doing? You're picking on people, and that's not right.