Raccoons throw a pool party at Orange County home

An Orange County man played unwitting host to an early Memorial Day pool party, and it was a wild one — literally.

After awaking to his pet Labrador retriever, Hank, "going crazy," Huntington Beach resident Jim Sena went to check his backyard, where he spied a masked intruder.

Looking out the window, he saw a raccoon perched on a wall. Pretty soon, two others arrived and began scuffling. In the ensuing flurry of furry fists, the raccoons moved off the wall into his yard, before one was eventually sent flying into the pool.

"He starts swimming around, and the others just jumped in after," Sena said.

That was when Sena took out his phone and began recording. In the video, a bewildered Sena and his wife can be heard commenting on the bizarre sight: Three raccoons paddling around leisurely, as if they were on vacation.

"They could clearly see us looking out the window, but they were not bothered," Sena said.

Toward the end of the video, two of the raccoons can be seen clustering near the steps, where Sena said they sat for another 20 minutes before getting out. The third raccoon kept swimming in the deep end until eventually tiring out and leaving, too.

"It was pretty funny. A little freaky, actually," Sena said.

This story originally appeared in Los Angeles Times.