Race To Vaccinate Continues As COVID Variants Spread

Americans may need another COVID vaccine shot within a year of being fully vaccinated.

Video Transcript

- The race to vaccinate every adult American continues with more than three million doses being delivered each day.

- CBS 2's Natalie Brand has more from the White House.

NATALIE BRAND: Americans may need another COVID vaccine shot within a year of being fully vaccinated.

DAVID KESSLER: With many vaccines, we understand that a certain point in time, we need to boost whether that's 9 months, 12 months. And we are preparing for that, [? Congressman. ?]

NATALIE BRAND: Biden administration officials say they are in discussions to secure more vaccine doses if booster shots are needed. And they say COVID variants may make them necessary.

ANTHONY FAUCI: Ongoing already [? are ?] clinical trials looking at a boost of the original wild type virus vaccine as well as a boost with a variant specific.

NATALIE BRAND: The Biden administration announced this morning it's spending around $1.7 billion in scientific research so the CDC and states can detect and track coronavirus variants.

JEFFREY ZIENTS: Right now, these variants account for nearly half of all COVID-19 cases in the United States. And we need more capacity and a public health system to identify and track these mutations.

NATALIE BRAND: With the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on pause, the CDC's advisory committee announced it will meet one week from today to reconsider recommending its use.

ANTHONY FAUCI: I mean, I think they need to make a decision quickly.

NATALIE BRAND: Dr. Anthony Fauci said his concern is that the longer it takes to make a decision, the more likely some Americans could decide against getting any vaccine shot at all. Natalie Brand, CBS News, the White House.