Racehorse bucks jockey, escapes Ellis Park, takes a run in traffic

A racehorse bucked its rider and escaped Ellis Park Saturday afternoon, taking a run down a major highway before being captured, media outlets reported.

Video posted on Twitter showed the #4 horse racing alongside traffic on the shoulder of the road. Another video, shared on Facebook by Cullen Stanley, showed the horse running toward vehicles that appeared to be stopped on a four-lane highway.

“Horse running at me full speed on I-69 today,” he wrote. “No idea how it started or ended. Odd times we live in.”

The horse had an injury to a back leg and was hot but otherwise fine when she was returned to her owners after the incident, which happened at about 12:50 p.m., WFIE in Evansville reported.

The horse, Bold and Bossy, had been running northbound in the southbound lane along U.S. 41, witnesses told the station.

Posey County, Ind., Sheriff Tom Latham told WFIE that he was in the area when he saw the horse running, stopped his truck and grabbed her lead.

Video posted by Ellis Park on YouTube showed Bold and Bossy bucking jockey Miguel Mena as she was being led onto the track about five minutes before post time for the first race.

Mena can be seen getting back on his feet as his mount turns and bolts away.

“We have a loose horse on the track,” the announcer said soon afterward.

“She is now a late scratch here in Race 1,” he later said.

Bold and Bossy is owned by Bantry Farms and trained by Michael Ewing, according to the Ellis Park video.