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Rachel Lindsay Talks Deactivating Her Instagram After Receiving Threats

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Rachel Lindsay is speaking out after deactivating her Instagram account on Friday. The former ‘Bachelorette’ star decided to take a break from social media after receiving threats from ‘Bachelor’ fans in response to her interview with Chris Harrison, in which he defended controversial contestant Rachael Kirkconnell.

Video Transcript

RACHEL LINDSAY: I saw something negative and I said, you know what, not today.

- Rachel Lindsay is making it clear, enough is enough.

RACHEL LINDSAY: I'm honestly exhausted.

- The former "Bachelorette" star deactivated her Instagram account over the weekend. And on Tuesday, she revealed on her podcast, "Higher Learning", that the decision came after "Bachelor" fans would not stop harassing her in the comments after this February interview with franchise host Chris Harrison.

CHRIS HARRISON: Well Rachel, is it a good look in 2018? Or is it not a good look in 2021?

RACHEL LINDSAY: It's not a good look ever, because she's celebrating the Old South. She's cele-- if I went to that party, what would I represent at that party?

- Chris appeared to defend current "Bachelor" contestant Rachael Kirkconnell in that interview.

RACHAEL KIRKCONNELL: Please stop saying that I did nothing wrong. That's not true.

- She's under fire for past racially insensitive actions, including attending an Old South plantation-themed party while in college in 2018.

CHRIS HARRISON: We have to be so careful when we start labeling people.

- After the interview went viral, Chris took a step back from the series. And his future with the show remains up in the air.

RACHEL LINDSAY: People are attacking me because they think that I'm trying to cancel someone. So they're on a mission to cancel me. I'm getting threatened. People are threatening like, oh I have this on you. I have this. I'm just waiting until you get back on social to unleash this kind of stuff. I mean it's-- you know, you're affecting people's well-being. Where does it end? Where does it stop? Until you take everybody down? That can't be it.

- The TV host called out the "Bachelor" franchise for not speaking out on her behalf amid the controversy.

RACHEL LINDSAY: Everyone who's been at issue has issued an apology except for the franchise, except for the network, except for the production company. You need to hear something from them. They need to come out and say something. They need to grab a hold of this and control the situation, because right now you're letting your fans speak for you.

- Rachel's podcast was seemingly recorded just hours before this statement from the show hit the internet, quote, "As Executive Producers of The Bachelor Franchise we would like to make it perfectly clear that any harassment directed towards Rachel Lindsay in the aftermath of her interview with Chris Harrison is completely unacceptable."

RACHEL LINDSAY: In these times right now I feel like we all are self-reflecting on, have you been an ally? What are you affiliated with that is part of the problem? You know different-- you know you're just looking within during these times. And as I look within, I look at my affiliation with the "Bachelor" franchise, and what's wrong. And I did find it frustrating. I don't want to be affiliated with a franchise who's not on the right side of this. At this point you can't be neutral. You're either on the wrong side or the right side.

- Rachel has yet to respond to the stamp of support, but she does appear to be distancing herself from the brand.

RACHEL LINDSAY: I woke up. I looked at my phone-- one of the first things. I saw something negative and I said, you know what? Not today. Not even this weekend. It was the best decision that I could do for myself, to detach from that negativity. I needed that. I feel so much better. I'm not 100%, but I feel lighter.

- The reality star sat out of the latest episode of her "Bachelor" recap podcast, "Bachelor Happy Hour", where co-host Becca Kufrin shared that she stands by Rachel taking a break.

BECCA KUFRIN: She has been taking on so much in the world of Bachelor Nation, and I want to extend my support and friendship, and just give her a little break.