Racist Bro Posts Offensive Comments Alongside Photo of Black Co-Worker's Kid, Goes Viral

Trace William Cowen

Just when Mars water really had everyone believing that mankind might be capable of making the next great leap in our evolution, some unimaginably stupid shit like this happens. The bro in the screengrab above, presumably a real actual person in the year 2015, decided to share a selfie with a black co-worker's young boy. This bro then accompanied the Facebook posting of this photo with some downright disgusting commentary:

The bro, reportedly named Geris Hilton according to News One, and his spineless tactics have reportedly already resulted in the firing of one commenter. Thankfully, the mother of the child in the photo quickly revealed his name to be Cayden Jace, inspiring the steadily growing hashtag #HisNameIsCayden:

Cayden's mother then released a longer statement, expressing her gratitude for the growing support for her innocent child:

Thanks for once again setting us back several decades, racists.

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