ALT 104.5 Turns Up Volume To Support Local Breweries

Vittoria Woodill reports.

Video Transcript

- Local brewers in our area have recently been getting a little more a spotlight thanks to a local radio station that is trying to turn up the volume for support. Tory has more about the Alt 104.5 brewery tour, and how you can crack into the action.

VITTORIA WOODILL: Has the warmer weather we've had recently gotten you in the mood to maybe go out and crack a brew? Well, why not support local and jump on the back of a brewery tour that supports small businesses, too? Take a look.


Soak in the suds, the sounds, and the fun, all for a good cause.

AMBER MILLER: Anytime you do something new, everybody's like but wait. What's the catch, right? And it's like no, we just want to help. We just want to drink cool beers, support your awesome business, and help, really.

VITTORIA WOODILL: The Alt 104.5 brewery tour and custom beer collaboration series is making stops to local breweries each month with a mission to not allow the power of this pandemic drown out the fantastic things the small businesses are producing.

AMBER MILLER: We have glitter in our beer with evil genius.

VITTORIA WOODILL: And to tell us more is Alt 104.5's midday host and program director Amber Miller.

AMBER MILLER: It's been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year for you know, so many reasons. For small businesses, particularly. And that's affected restaurants, and that's affected breweries. And we're like you know what?

We feel so sort of aligned in our souls with all of these local breweries. What can we do to help? And so Alt 104.5 has always been a station about new music discovery. And we were like, you know? How about new beer discovery?

I'm always amazed by this sort of magic and art form that is making music. And it's been so cool to see behind the scenes, peek behind the curtain a little bit, in terms of how brewers work, and the magic in the art form of that. This was our first collaboration with 13th Child Brewery in Williamstown, New Jersey.

Our Alt 104.5 beer, B-I-E-R, so alt beer is like a German style old beer. And this is in that style. We're doing these really fun labels. And we kind of bounce over to Philly to Love City Brewing.

This is our most recent tapping, our Alt 104.High Five Hefeweizen. Lager and Cherry Hill. It's been so fun coming up with the names.

VITTORIA WOODILL: And showing up to support can still be fun while still being safe.

AMBER MILLER: Our partner breweries have all been so amazing in terms of got to be done safe, and it's got to be done right. So we know that not everybody is going to be ready and willing to come to any sort of event yet, which is why it works really nicely, because you could still come and pick up the beer for curbside, For. Curbside pickup. But there is that possibility to do a socially distanced pint in the tap room.

VITTORIA WOODILL: But this is a really great sort of hands off way to still be hands on in helping these small businesses.

AMBER MILLER: It's the perfect way to do it. They'll continue to have our beers on tap, and so we can keep talking about it, and we can keep making sure that they're in the spotlight and getting all the love.

VITTORIA WOODILL: Well, you've left me foaming at the mouth.

AMBER MILLER: I see what you did there.

VITTORIA WOODILL: From women-owned own breweries to veteran-owned breweries, the range of breweries they visited so far has been pretty extensive, just like the towering list of beers they have to offer.

If you want more information on where Alt 104.5 is stopping next, so you can show your support, you can of course listen, in or visit for more details. Lastly, but of course not least, remember to drink responsibly. I'm Vittoria Woodill CBS 3 Eyewitness News.