Radioactive flask stolen by aggressors at Chornobyl nuclear power plant found in Bucha

Svitlana Kizilova - Saturday, 7 May 2022, 23:41

One of the flasks containing radioactive material that was stolen by Russian troops at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant during the occupation has been found in Bucha.

Source: Energoatom on Telegram

Details: A Bucha resident found the flask in his own home after it had been "visited" by Russian aggressors. He immediately called mine clearance specialists.

The specialists who arrived following his call collected the hazardous container and handed it over for disposal.

Later, it was found that the radiation background of the flask, which contained mercury, was significantly higher than normal.


The Russians stole a lot of things from the Chornobyl zone. In particular, they robbed the police station located right on Chernobyl territory. Radioactive items, among other things, had been stored there.

Energoatom CEO Petro Kotin visited one of the areas of the Red Forest in the Chornobyl zone, where the Russian aggressors had been digging trenches, and said that they would in all likelihood be facing radiation sickness.