Raducanu celebrates surreal week on home return

Raducanu started the U.S. Open ranked 150th in the world having only played one other Grand Slam in her fledgling career and that was this year's Wimbledon in which she made the third round.

During an interview recorded from her home in London on Friday (September 17), the 18-year-old said she rewatched her final against Canada's Leylah Fernandez for the first time the night before and said it almost felt like watching somebody else win the match.

Raducanu, now ranked 23rd in the world, said she was "proud" to have come through the tougher moments in the game and also didn't realize how "stressful" the injury timeout for her cut knee was for the TV viewing audience.

After winning the final, the British player turned up on major U.S. broadcast channels, visited the Wall Street Stock Exchange and even turned up to the Met Gala, where she got to meet one of her motor sport heroes Lewis Hamilton.

On her return to the UK and reuniting with her family, Raducanu revealed the celebrations were low key and that her mom, who comes from China, made some homemade dumplings for her daughter.

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