Rage in Kharkiv after deadliest Russian attack to date

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Rescuers inspect the rubble of a destroyed building in Kharkiv
Rescuers inspect the rubble of a destroyed building in Kharkiv

“Our government assumes that with these strikes, Russia is attempting to terrify Kharkiv residents and make them demand peace at any cost,” said Larin.

“I’ll be upfront: I haven’t seen any single comment that would express that kind of sentiment in local social media. On the contrary, Kharkiv is now asking for more long-range, Western weapons. Kharkiv residents demand a retaliatory strike against the (nearby Russia’s) Belgorod.”

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According to the journalist, Belgorod’s proximity made it a target for the rage of Kharkiv residents.

“… climb any high-rise building (in Kharkiv), and you will see these missiles getting launched (from near Belgorod),” Larin explains.

“We can see these launched because we are so close. Russians from Belgorod are full of glee about (Russian) strikes at Kharkiv. Small wonder that Kharkiv residents are furious and demand retribution. I’m yet to meet anyone who would argue for surrender or capitulation.”

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Several overnight Russian missile strikes at Kharkiv killed 12 people and left 40 injured, on Aug. 18. According to regional governor Oleh Synehubov, the night was the deadliest one for the city, since the war broke out on Feb. 24.

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