Raiders RB Josh Jacobs keeps it real with Pro Bowl skills competitions

Today the NFL will hold it’s Pro Bowl game. This year it’s a bit different. It’s flag football. I say “a bit” different because previous years when it was supposedly tackle, it was still basically a glorified version of flag football.

In the days leading up to the actual *game*, there were several other games they played including Dodgeball, Gridiron Gauntlet, longest drive (golf), and Move the Chains in which players must move a weighted wall. You know FOOTBALL!

Raiders running back Josh Jacobs was asked about his thoughts on the Pro Bowl format. Never one to pull punches, Jacobs gave his honest assessment.

He ain’t wrong. There are a couple of the skills competitions that are interesting and *actually* involve something resembling football. Such as the Precision Passing and Best Catch. But for the most part, these games are pretty ridiculous and rather pointless.

Not to mention that because they still feel the need to play an actual football game, and the top five QBs either opted out or were injured, they had to call up Tyler Huntley and Derek Carr despite Huntley only starting five games and Carr playing so poorly he was benched for the final two games while they look to trade him.

The NFL switched to the new format because the game had become a running joke. But it seems the new format is just more watered down product. Good for Jacobs for calling it what it was instead of pretending it was anything more.

Story originally appeared on Raiders Wire