Scattered showers, cool and windy for Saturday

Widely scattered showers are possible throughout the day, especially this afternoon, before the sunshine returns on Sunday.

Video Transcript

TRAVIS HERZOG: It now looks like rain chances will continue all the way into Saturday evening. I'm chief meteorologist Travis Herzog with your 1 Minute Weather forecast. Another jetstream disturbance is on the way for Saturday. So after all those rain showers Friday evening, we get another round mainly Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening.

Temperatures will start off in the upper 50s. It will be, again, a cloudy sky but not as gloomy as it was Friday, because the air will be a little bit drier near the ground. But aloft, a lot of moisture and the jet stream disturbance conspire to produce that chance of widely scattered showers.

Futuretrack as we can't rule out a shower for the first half of the day, but it really gets going in the afternoon. And equal chances for all of us from the Gulf Coast up towards Lake Livingston, College Station, [? Conroe, ?] and right here in the city of Houston. Sunday, we see things really dry out. We'll have a north breeze both Saturday and Sunday, but the jetstream disturbance is gone on Sunday. And so we'll get a lot of sunshine poking through those clouds, and that will warm us up a little more.

So instead of highs in the 60s, by Sunday, we're warming up to 71, and similar weather for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Lots of sunshine, lows near 50, highs in the 70s. Our next best opportunity for thunderstorms comes about a week from now. Next Friday, another front brings another chance of thunderstorms. I hope you enjoy the weekend ahead, and we will keep watching the weather for you.