Severe weather threat remains today

Two more rounds of rain are possible Thursday and Friday before the humidity drops this weekend.

Video Transcript

TRAVIS HERZOG: We're done with this round of storms, but one or two more on the way. I'm Chief Meteorologist Travis Herzog, with your 1 Minute Weather forecast.

We do have another opportunity for rain on Thursday. But it's likely to hold off until late in the afternoon, early in the evening. And a lot of this rain was going to miss Houston, just off to the North. But because of the weak front and the storms that blew through on Wednesday, we're going to start off in the 60s instead of the 70s. And we only warm into the mid 70s instead of the 80s.

Now, is it possible there could be some severe weather? It's not likely, but yeah. There's a small possibility that anything that pops up on Thursday, late in the day, could potentially bring some gusty winds and some quarter-sized hail. But it's not a huge concern right now.

Futuretrack shows the primary disturbance tracking through North Texas around Waco and Dallas. But it does clip areas North of I-10 with some rain Thursday evening. We then dry out as we get into Friday morning.

But another wave of showers and thunderstorms in the pipeline as we head towards Friday evening. That's when a stronger cold front arrives. That brings us some really good stuff for the weekend and beyond.

Notice those temperatures behind Friday night's front dropping into the 50s for lows. Highs in the 70s. Some spots North of Houston, Sunday and Monday, even dip down into the 40s. That is fantastic for any time of the year. But especially as we get closer to the summer months, we've got a lot of sunshine in the forecast as we get through next week. But first, we have to get through another round or two of thunderstorms.

Your chance of rain on Friday is at 60%. I hope you enjoy the Thursday ahead, and we'll keep watching the weather for you.