Like 'rain': LA teachers sue Delta over fuel dump

Teachers from Los Angeles County's Park Avenue Elementary School held back tears on Friday as they described the moment they were showered with jet fuel from a Delta airplane that was forced to return to LAX to make an emergency landing due to engine trouble.

Attorney Gloria Allred, at a news conference on Friday announcing the litigation, said four teachers affected by the incident have sued Delta for negligence for dumping fuel in a densely populated area at low altitude earlier this week.

On Friday, an airline spokesman declined to comment on pending litigation.

Critics have said the jet could have dumped fuel over the ocean more safely, unless it were in an absolutely dire situation.

Social media users captured video of the Boeing 777 jet, which had taken off to Shanghai with 181 people on board, emitting streams of fuel from the tips of its wings as it returned to the airport.

The fuel dump caused minor injuries to at least 44 children and adults on the ground. Delta said on its website that airline cleaning crews worked with school crews to clean surfaces students may come into contact with.

The crew that decided to dump the fuel, which fell on several Los Angeles area schools, didn't inform air traffic controllers they planned to do so, and the FAA is investigating.

Delta previously said the fuel was dumped to reach a safe landing weight.