Update: Rain, mix headed to NH

Meteorologist Mike Haddad has a look at the weather ahead.

Video Transcript

MIKE HADDAD: Hello everyone. Meteorologist Mike Haddad here in the Storm Watch Nine Weather center. Quite a few changes moving in our direction. It was very warm out there today over the southern part of New Hampshire, seasonably cooler in Northern Zone. Speaking of cooler, very strong cold front slips off to our south in the next several hours, and that means the showers that are building off to our west will fall in the form of snow in northern parts of the state very late tonight. Scattered rain showers farther south.

So here's a look at that timeline. Clouds on the increase tonight. A couple of showers any time after say 10 or 11 o'clock tonight, Lakes Region south. Then a lot of those showers lift in the northern parts of the state where it will be just cold enough for snow to fly in the White Mountains into the Great North Woods. Rain showers anywhere from Plymouth and Point South, and then it warms up in the northern part of the state just enough so snow goes over to rain or mixed showers near the Canadian border and a couple of downpours not out of the question from say late morning or midday right through the afternoon and early evening all over central and southern New Hampshire in through the Mt. Washington Valley.

But by that same time, say around 4 or 5 o'clock in the evening, cold air begins to fill in on the backside of this storm and that changes rain back over to snow in northern parts of the state. Could even be a passing mix to snow shower during Wednesday evening in southern New Hampshire as the winds get ready to crank up. It'll be a windy and much cooler day on Thursday after 60s South, 40s North tomorrow. It's only in the 30s North and 40s South during the day on Thursday.

Snow tallies will come in generally between about three and six plus inches in the White Mountains in the great North Woods. Again, there will some that falls early tomorrow morning, then it lets up and changes over to rain. Then more snow piles on top of that Wednesday evening through the day on Thursday. Right now it looks like the winds could crank up over 40 miles per hour on Thursday so scattered power outages not out of the question late Wednesday night through Thursday evening.