Rain, Rain Not Yet Going Away

Chances of rain in North Texas continue through early Sunday.

Video Transcript

MADISON SAWYER: Well, if you thought that North Texas has had enough rain throughout the week, think again, because more rain is on the way. Meteorologist Erin Moran joins us now.

So Erin, how much more rain can we take?

ERIN MORAN: You know, we don't need that much more, but we're going to get it tonight, and maybe for some, into early tomorrow morning. But most of next week actually looks dry, and we've got a nice warm up as well. But for the first day of May, we've got temperatures topping out well below where they should be for this time of year. 80 degrees is our average high, and we got to 74 degrees.

But when you look at the four day trend-- so yesterday, we were in the upper 60s. Today, we're in the mid 70s. By tomorrow, we're back into the low 80s. And for everyone who likes the 90s, Monday could be our first 90 degree day of 2021. We'll talk more about that warm up in a second. But right now, of course, rain and storms on the mind of all North Texans.

This very slow moving upper level low, it's finally going to move overhead tonight. And so you kind of see the wet weather already sort of circulating around that, that counterclockwise rotation. And we look at this heavy rain kind of setting up over central Texas right now, you can see from Comanche through just to the north of Bryan-College Station, really.

This is all moving to the northeast so this is why we're anticipating our rain chance is kind of increasing across North Texas here in the next few hours. We've had scattered light showers, maybe a little bit of drizzle. Hopefully, you've kind of had the rain gear if you had to go out today. And you'll want to keep the rain gear for tonight as well. We've got the rain chances picking up by 11 o'clock this evening. 70% chance for showers, and maybe a few storms as well.

Now, this severe weather threat, it looks to be low. Temperatures just aren't very warm. There's been a lot of rain, a lot of cloud cover. If we get a few stronger storms, I think they'll be south and east of the metroplex. And I think wind and hail would be the main threats, but I'm really not anticipating much of anything.

Storm prediction center has some of our southeastern and southern counties under that level one risk. So we look at futurecast, here comes that wave of heavy rain that we're kind of watching. It weakens some as we get towards 10 o'clock, but still there's some heavier rain, especially east of 1-35. 2:00 AM, hopefully most of you are asleep, we've got scattered showers with some heavier pockets of rain.

By 6:00 AM tomorrow that upper level low, it's just kind of right over us, pushing off to the northeast. And so you've got some of that heavier rain in some of our eastern counties, but for the most part, we're just kind of dealing with cloudy skies across the rest of North Texas. And then as we get towards, you know, 11, 12 o'clock tomorrow afternoon, we're starting to see the rain and the clouds come to an end.

So it looks like heavier rain falls east of I-35 between now and tomorrow. And then by tomorrow afternoon, the sunshine is finally back. We've got temperatures in the low 80s and we're not stopping there. 90 degrees on Monday before our next cold front arrives on Tuesday and knocks those highs back into the mid 70s.