Rain reinvestigated for embezzlement

Syahida Kamarudin
Rain reinvestigated for embezzlement

5 Sep – South Korean superstar Rain has been called again for a reinvestigation although he was found not guilty for embezzling his company, J Tune Creative's funds previously.

According to OneAsiaa website, earlier Rain was sued on charges of embezzling the company money as modeling compensation and was later cleared of offense.

However, on 4 September, the Seoul Central Prosecutors' Office found out that the company, J Tune Creative, where Rain is the largest shareholder, had deposited USD $2.255 million, nearly 50% of their company funds, as a modeling compensation for Rain. The deposit was done in an instance even though Rain never acted as a model for the company. In addition, the pay was said to have been too excessive in comparison to other models.

Thus, the prosecutors' office announced that they have ordered a reinvestigation of the case. The court also said that further investigations are needed into the personal transportation lease and office rental which cost USD $30,000 and USD $ 47,000 respectively.