Rainbow lifeguard tower burned down in Long Beach

Plans are already in the works to get a new rainbow-colored lifeguard tower in Long Beach after the original was destroyed in a fire earlier this week.

Video Transcript

- It's been a symbol of pride for LGBTQ members of the Long Beach Marine Safety Division at Long Beach since last June-- a lifeguard station painted in rainbow colors. But overnight, the Pride Lifeguard Tower has been gutted by a fire. Lifeguards painted the structure during Pride Month to show support for the diversity in their department, and now the city's openly-gay mayor Robert Garcia is calling the fire an act of hate.

ROBERT GARCIA: So to whoever committed this act, just please know that one, you are not welcome in our community, and two, that we will rebuild the lifeguard station brighter, gayer, and bigger than it was before.

- Mayor Garcetti says that-- excuse me, Garcia-- says this is the first lifeguard tower to burn in the city since the 1950s, and he says there's little doubt that this was a targeted incident.