‘Raining and raining’: Kansas City storm predicted to last most of Friday

Bill Lukitsch
·1 min read

Kansas City residents should be weather aware Friday as a chilly rain is expected to arrive in the morning and continue well into the evening, said FOX4 meteorologist Joe Lauria.

Temperatures on Friday are expected to reach highs in the lower 40-degree range with scattered showers arriving early, said Lauria, who provides weather updates for The Star. The harshest rain is predicted to begin around 9 a.m. and continue throughout the day.

“Odds are it’ll just keep on raining and raining and raining all through tomorrow evening,” Lauria said.

Lauria added that scattered showers were also possible Saturday, though “a washout of the weekend” is not predicted. Saturday will also be cool with temperatures in the 50s.

Looking ahead to next week, Lauria said temperatures are expected to be on the low-side except for a warmer Monday. By Monday evening leading into Tuesday morning, Lauria said more rain could be on the way with chillier conditions.

“There could actually be some snowflakes mixing in with the raindrops,” Lauria said. “We’ll see about that.”