Rakayo Alandis Vinson Charged In Kenosha County Bar Shooting That Killed 3

The 24-year-old defendant is being held on homicide charges in the shooting over the weekend at the Somers House in Somers, Wisconsin. CBS 2's Jim Williams reports.

Video Transcript

IRIKA SARGENT: A 24-year-old man is in custody charged in the Sunday mass shooting in Kenosha County, Wisconsin. CBS 2's Jim Williams tells us, reports of a stolen car led police to the suspect.

DAVID BETH: It's a difficult day in Kenosha, and recently today, I found out that there have been something like 40 mass shootings in this country in the last month. And to think that Kenosha is part of something so tragic, it just breaks your heart.

JIM WILLIAMS: Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth says 24-year-old Rakayo Vinson was the gunman in one of America's latest mass shootings here at the Somers House Tavern at 12:42 Sunday morning. Three men died, all lived in Kenosha. Atkeem Stevenson, 26, Kevin Donaldson, 22, and Cedric Gaston, 24. Katrina Hahn is the mother of Gaston's son.

KATRINA HAHN: He's the best dad in the whole world, and I don't know how to tell our son that he was taken from us.

JIM WILLIAMS: The Sheriff says Vinson got into a confrontation with the three victims at the tavern, was ordered out by management, and returned with a gun killing two inside. The third victim died outside Somers, possibly after exchanging gunfire with Vinson, according to investigators. Three others who were not involved in the initial scuffle were wounded. Two of those victims live in Wonder Lake, Illinois.

Officers arrested Vinson hours later on Sunday, the Sheriff says, after he stole a car that belongs to someone he knows. That person called police. Sheriff Beth described the arc of violence in the area over his 39 year career in law enforcement.

DAVID BETH: When I started as a Deputy Sheriff in 1982, if we had one homicide every other year that was huge. So things are different now than it was for me when I first started as a deputy, and we're not Mayberry anymore.

JIM WILLIAMS: Friends of the victims are planning an anti-violence rally in Kenosha on Saturday. In less than a week there have been mass shootings in Indianapolis, Austin, Texas, and Kenosha. We're live, Jim Williams, "CBS 2 News", Irika.

IRIKA SARGENT: All right, Jim, thank you.