New rallies against mobilisation announced in Russia


The Vesna [Spring] movement called on Russians to take part in new rallies against mobilisation on 24 September; rallies are planned at 17:00 across Russia.

Source: Vesna on Twitter

Quote from Vesna: "More protests against mobilisation. 24 September, 17:00, all over Russia. Mobilisation is actively taking place throughout the country. Soon, thousands of our men may go to the front. We can and we must oppose it!".

Details: It is reported that "the ultimate goal of the actions is not a protest for the sake of protest, but victory over the criminal Putin’s regime."

Vesna declared that the protest against mobilisation is "in the interests of millions of fellow citizens", and "getting a fine or a few days of arrest beats a funeral".

Vesna promised to name the cities where the rallies will be held on 23 September on its Telegram channel, and the places where people will gather are supposed to be revealed on the day of the rally, so that "it will be more difficult for the police to prepare."

The movement urges protesters to be "loud and visible" at the rallies so that the protest can be seen and heard by others, "not to hand over the protesters to the police", to fight off those who are dragged to the auto-racks, but "not to use force against the policemen."


  • On the morning of 21 September, Vladimir Putin announced partial mobilisation. He claimed it was necessary "to defend the country".

  • Russia plans to mobilise 300,000 reservists.

  • Immediately after the speech of Russian President Putin, Russiansbought up all direct tickets for 21 September to Istanbul and Yerevan, and the prices of air tickets to the so-called "safe" countries grew dramatically.

  • At least 1,176 people were detained at anti-mobilisation rallies in different cities in Russia on 21 September, according to OVD-Info, the human rights media project.

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