'Rally For Solidarity' In Support Of Asian Community Underway In Chinatown

Alicia Roberts reports.

Video Transcript

UKEE WASHINGTON: Good afternoon, everyone. I'm Ukee Washington. Jess is off today. More on what the president had to say coming up. But first at 4:00 today, a rally is mobilizing at this very moment in the wake of some racist, hurtful incidents targeting Philadelphia's Asian community. This is being called the Philly Rally for Solidarity. The group you see assembled will eventually make its way to City Hall. Alicia Roberts is on the ground in Chinatown with those taking part in the demonstration. Alicia.

ALICIA ROBERTS: Ukee, that's right. Crowds began gathering here before 3:00 this afternoon. And right now, we estimate at least 150, probably closer to 200 people gathering from all walks of life in a rally for solidarity. They want this to be peaceful. They want it to be safe in the middle of a pandemic. But the message is being heard loud and clear across the crowd.

And I want to show you some of the protesters that are here. On the right, we have four-year-old Harper. On the left, six-year-old Penelope. Harper's sign reads "stop Asian hate." It is as simple and as complex as that. And Penelope said we have to stop hurting people. And when you hear it from some of these young participants, it really hits home. Today, we're seeing messages from folks from all walks of life.

Here at 10th and Vine, we actually saw an act of vandalism happening. We reported it last night. Violent, racist graffiti on these flower boxes, here meant to be a community gathering square. Philly's top cop Danielle Outlaw calling a surge in racist rhetoric and violence, and that is why so many have gathered here today. They say the time is now to end the silence, to let lawmakers know that something needs to be done.

Speakers will begin here in just a few minutes, and they tell me the crowd is expected to begin starting to make their way down to City Hall for the 5:00 hour. We are going to stay with them. We'll have a live report, and more from what people hope to be an act of change happening here in Philadelphia, and really, across the nation. Reporting live in Chinatown, Alicia Roberts, CBS 3 Eyewitness News.

UKEE WASHINGTON: Alicia, thank you for that. Teach the children well.