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Rams star Cooper Kupp gave a technical answer about scoring a touchdown that was probably gibberish to most people

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Cooper Kupp looks up and smiles.
Cooper Kupp.Kyusung Gong/AP Images
  • Cooper Kupp scored a 29-yard touchdown against the Jaguars when the cornerback left him to blitz.

  • After the game, Kupp explained the play in highly technical terms.

  • The answer isn't terribly complicated, but to most, it will sound like gibberish.

If NFL fans want more honest, genuine answers from athletes about what's happening on the field, Cooper Kupp delivered.

The star wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams had eight catches for 129 yards and a touchdown against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.

After the game, Kupp was asked about his 29-yard touchdown in the third quarter. As the ball was snapped, Kupp's defender blitzed Matthew Stafford, leaving Kupp with plenty of space. Asked about what he saw, Kupp explained in terms few would understand.

Here's his full answer:

"They just had a little three-deep fire zone, brought the nickel off the edge, safety dropped down. They didn't look like they were doing a replacement fire zone, so I knew with the back away we were going to get three pushing through. I had the opportunity to kinda run in there, that if I could beat my guy, I just had to beat the safety to the end zone."

In truth, I cannot fully explain what Kupp is saying. But in essence, he is saying that with the cornerback leaving him to blitz the quarterback, he knew there would be a gap in the coverage, and with a safety defending that open space, Kupp just had to beat the safety for an open path to the end zone.

Here's the play.

Memorize that play and Kupp's answer, and you, too, could impress others with a deep understanding of NFL offenses.

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