The Random Act of Kindness Revealed by This $306 Receipt

Sharona Schwartz

An elderly man walking his dog in the southern Israeli desert town of Arad last week passed a gas station where he saw a bus full of soldiers from the Israel Defense Forces on their way to weekend leave with their families after three weeks of training. While crossing their path, the man appeared to make a spontaneous decision that made some 50 soldiers and their driver very happy.

Matan Mymon, who works at the Dor Alon gas station and market in Arad, posted on Facebook what happened next, a post that's received more than 17,000 Likes and counting.

The man secretly ordered 51 sandwiches and a crate of colas for them and their driver, a purchase totaling 1,099 New Israeli Shekels, or $306. Sales clerk Mymon was so touched by the man's generous act, he took a photo of the receipt and posted it on Facebook.

Man Secretly Treats 50 Soldiers to Sandwiches, Pastries and Colas While their Bus Was at a Pit Stop

Israeli gas station clerk Matan Mymon posted a photo of this receipt listing the sandwiches, pastries and soft drinks an anonymous man bought for soldiers on their way to weekend leave. (Image: Facebook)

He writes: "I, Matan Mymon, who works at Dor Alon [gas station] in Arad was witness to the most unselfish, most considerate, most spontaneous, most appreciative, most crazy most loving, most touching moment in the history of gas stations..!"

"An older man whose name will remain with us went for the usual walk with his dog. Part of his walking path crosses Alonit where I work. Such a coincidence, a bus full of soldiers from the paratroopers brigade (excuse me for not seeing which battalion they are from) stopped precisely then. At that moment, the older man approached me and asked for two crates of cola and 51 sandwiches (for the driver too) for the soldiers, at his expense. Amazing. The receipt is attached," Mymon added.

Two soldiers who say they were on the bus posted their thanks to the anonymous donor on Facebook.

Yoav Greenblatt writes: "And I, Yoav Greenblatt, was on the was after a very hard week. After three poor hours of sleep while sitting on the bus, at 5 in the morning I opened my eyes to crates of cola, pastries, four types of sandwiches, commotion and smiles on the bus. Sigh, I feel proud."

Almog Frangie wrote: "I was on the was really exciting, a moment that you appreciate after 21 days in the army [without going home]. Amazing. Thank you."

Omer Galron who wasn't on the bus addressed his comment to the anonymous gentleman: "You made their weekend sweeter."

The post elicited other stories of generosity including from Maayan Schreiber who wrote: "I'm a manager at McDonald's and a similar thing happened to me. Four soldiers stood at the counter and ordered meals.  The customer standing behind them waited for them to finish ordering and paid for all of their meals. There are still good people out there!"

Sarit Avraham wrote: "As the mother of a soldier, a personal 'thank you' from me to the noble gentleman . Chapeau and all the power to you for sharing."

TheBlaze contacted the Arad store on Monday which verified that the incident indeed occurred.