Random people are asking to be Trump’s special master in secret papers case

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Random members of the public have put their names forward to become special master to review documents seized by the FBI at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home.

The former president’s legal team and the Justice Department have submitted their picks for who will get the role as part of the criminal investigation.

Each side has put forward two picks after US District Judge Aileen Cannon, who was nominated by Trump, agreed to his request. The special master is meant to be an impartial third party who will review the documents.

If both parties cannot agree on a candidate, then the judge, who has come under fire for her decision, will have to make the final decision.

The Southern District of Florida court docket in Trump v United States of America, now has a string of surprising candidates after a string of citizens volunteered their services.

In a letter sent from the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas, Joseph Inman told the judge he was “a retired person since age 39 who is currently a hobbyist in the film and music industry”, and also claimed to have a PhD. “in the ethics of Administration.”

Angela D Gupta, from Topeka, Kanas, also wrote to the judge offering her services.

“I am writing to express my willingness and desire to serve as Special Master in the Donald Trump matter,” she wrote, calling herself “an apolitical attorney in Kansas” whose “only goal is to help you reach a just decision under the law.”

Philip E Rakita also wrote in to the judge, to try and land the special master job.

“I’m not quite sure what the job specifications are for such an assignment but I would like to offer my services for this task,” he wrote.

Mr Rakita described himself as “only a retired businessman with an amateur’s interest in history, politics, and the law” but added, “I promise you I would perform the task to the best of my abilities.”

He admitted not possessing a law degree but added that he felt a connection to the Southern District of Florida, “as both of my parents are buried there.”