Randy Rainbow Comes For George Santos At Last & We're Cackling

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randy rainbow parody still
randy rainbow parody still

The day we’ve been waiting for is finally here: Renowned political parody songwriter Randy Rainbow has turned his sights on renowned political liar Congressman George Santos and has us absolutely cackling.

Parodying both “Jolly Holiday” from Mary Poppins and “Georgy Girl” by The Seekers, Randy lays out both the volume of the lies that Santos has told since coming into public life, and their absolute absurdity.

From lying about producing Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark to claiming to be a volleyball star to being jew-ish, Randy plays all the hits and so much more.

Randy isn’t the first to come for the politician; drag queen Meatball has notably been parodying Santos on TikTok and in stage performances. Bowen Yang has impersonated him brilliantly on Saturday Night Live, and even Trixie Mattel has squared off against him and bodied him on social media. But a Randy Rainbow parody is always an extra tasty musical roast, and this is no exception.

Randy kicks off the song by laying out how wild it is that Santos is still in Congress considering how dishonest he has been. And let’s just say, the library is open.

Ain’t he a sack of B.S. How’d they elect such a mess? I think he might be high. Who could have foreseen this shady queen? All he does is lie. Life’s a f***in’ fantasy for Santos. Santos lies all day and night. Even every MAGA sycophant knows, something ‘bout this dude ain’t right. His bio’s just a blatant work of fiction with which the facts don’t ever quite align. Attempts to scam his back are commonplace. His past’s as spotty as his big gay face. Oh, everything’s a fantasy for Santos, no wonder they want him to resign.

Oh the shade, the shade of it all! And Randy's just getting started.

Watch the full video below.


Life's a F***ing Fantasy for Santos - A Randy Rainbow Parody