Rapid COVID Test That Connects To Your Smartphone Being Developed

CBS4's Ian Lee reports on the project by French researchers. Read more: https://cbsloc.al/3dNHhoK

Video Transcript

- French researchers have creatively come up with a way for people to get tested for COVID-19 while they were at home.

- The test connects to a smartphone to reveal results at home. CBS4's Ian Lee reports from London.

IAN LEE: Ever since the pandemic began, researchers in France have been working on a way to test for COVID-19 quickly and accurately.

SABINE SZUNERITS: So since March, we try to develop a portable device which everybody can use at home.

IAN LEE: The research at this French University started, oddly enough, with camels, llamas, and alpacas. Scientists took tiny antibody particles from the animals, called nano-bodies. After some complicated science, they produced a device that plugs into a smartphone. A nasal or saliva swab is placed onto a strip, and if nobody's come into contact with the virus, the test will know it.

SABINE SZUNERITS: And you start your mobile phone. A signal will occur, and depending on the height of the signal, you can say if you're COVID positive or negative.

IAN LEE: Researchers say initial trials of 300 samples were 90% accurate and delivered in 10 minutes.


Creators of the CorDial-1 test say if it receives approval, it'll be cheap. Once manufacturing begins on a large scale, ultimately putting another weapon in the arsenal against the virus. Ian Lee, CBS News.

- Impressive. The next phase of the project is to run a three month trial on more than 1,000 people.