Rapid warmup causing problems after deep freeze

With temperatures climbing 80 degrees just one week after an Arctic blast, families in North Texas are dealing with mold and cleanup issues from burst pipes.

Video Transcript

DEBBIE GORE: All the cherry hardwood flooring is wet and has water underneath it, and it's all curling up.

BILL WADELL: The floors are still soaked and coated with insulation one week after an arctic blast and power outage led to a water pipe bursting in Debbie Gore's home.

DEBBIE GORE: And one water line that ran through the ceiling from the kitchen into the laundry room, and that's what burst in four different places.

BILL WADELL: She's on a long list waiting for help from contractors and insurance agents, along with thousands of other families across Texas.

The cold and snow is long gone. A rapid warm up now making problems even worse with the heat.

DEBBIE GORE: It was like you were cooking in here. Something that was burned almost. It was just real pungent, the smell. It makes your eyes burn and now everything is molding and turning black.

BILL WADELL: Her daughter is heartsick.

KATIE GORE SPAULDING: My mom has helped so many people. My mom would give the shirt off her back.

BILL WADELL: Katie Gore Spaulding is a COVID-19 unit nurse and has been staying at the home with her daughter during the pandemic.

KATIE GORE SPAULDING: Pipes burst and destroyed the house that's been my family's home for over 35 years. For me, I just have to try to just leave it in the car whenever I walk into work, because you know, my patients have to have 100%.

BILL WADELL: The family is now facing weeks worth of expensive repairs. Debbie tells us she's grateful for the generosity from strangers donating thousands of dollars to an online fundraiser set up by her nephew.

DEBBIE GORE: And the outpouring from people has been absolutely unbelievable. And I won't ever be able to thank everybody enough for their help with this. With the good Lord willing, we'll get this done and I'll be allowed to stay here and welcome even more great grandchildren into this home.

BILL WADELL: A family haven worth saving. For Accuweather, I'm Bill Wadell.