Rapper A$AP Rocky ordered to stand trial in LA

STORY: Rapper A$AP Rocky was ordered on Monday to stand trial in Los Angeles on two felony counts of assault with a semi-automatic weapon.

The 35-year-old is accused of pointing a handgun at another hip-hop artist and former friend Terell Ephron, and then, in a second confrontation, firing twice in his direction.

Both encounters are said to have occurred on November 6 2021.

Rocky was arrested in connection with the altercation in April 2022 and formally charged in August.

Since his arrest, Rocky’s romantic partner, pop superstar and makeup mogul Rihanna, has given birth to two sons fathered by him.

A Los Angeles judge ruled on Monday that prosecutors had enough evidence to proceed to trial on both counts.

The Harlem-born musician, who remains free on bond, has pleaded not guilty in the case.

Rocky’s defense has argued that evidence presented by the prosecutors that the shooting even occurred is inconclusive.

And they have questioned the veracity of Ephron’s testimony that his left hand was grazed in the gunfire, according to local media.

Ephron has performed under the stage name as A$AP Relli as part of a hip-hop collective that once included both men.

Local media reports that he has also filed a civil suit against Rocky.