Rapper Asian Doll has 'no apologies' in face of online backlash for 'Indian-themed' birthday party

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  • Asian Doll
    American rapper

Twitter users have accused American rapper Asian Doll of cultural appropriation after she shared an online invitation for her upcoming "Indian-themed" birthday party.

The controversy: Asian Doll, whose real name is Misharron Jermeisha Allen, faced backlash on Sunday when social media users noticed that the rapper used an Arabic song as background music for the invitation flyer for her party, which she called “Asian Doll Escapes to India.” (The original post has since been taken down.)

  • The event, which requires guests to wear "Indian clothes," will be held at Revel Atlanta, a nightclub in Ellsworth Industrial Boulevard, Atlanta, on Dec. 7, the invitation link read. Ticket prices range between $40 and $60.

  • Twitter users quickly called out Allen, who has 1.1 million followers on the social media platform, for her choice of song for the flyer.

  • Despite the backlash, the rapper hasn’t taken down her original post that used a Syrian song as background music.

  • She did, however, post another invitation flyer the following day with a different background track.

  • Allen responded to the backlash by tweeting that she would continue to do what she wanted with “no apologies.”

Other details: Allen is not of South Asian descent — despite wanting to have a "Bollywood-themed" party and having the word "Asian" in her stage name. The rapper, who is set to turn 25, was born in Park Row, Dallas.

  • In February, Allen drew flak in a since-deleted tweet that said, “I’m at this Indian restaurant. What should I order? Everything looks nasty.” Responding to Twitter users who criticized her comment, she tweeted in part, “Damn, I can’t ask WTF to eat at a restaurant without childish a*s b*tches cracking jokes?”

Featured Image via Asian Doll, @AsianDaBrattt (inset)

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