Rare dinosaur skeleton sells for $6.1 million

STORY: This 77-million-year-old

dinosaur skeleton

has sold for $6.1 million

Location: New York, New York

making it one of the most

valuable ever sold at auction

(Sotheby's Senior Vice President and Global Head of the Science and Popular Culture Department, Cassandra Hatton)

“So behind me, we have a Gorgosaurus skeleton. Gorgosaurus is a theropod Tyrannosaurus dinosaur. So it's in the same family as T-Rex. This specimen is coming to us from Montana, the Judith River formation. // Because it was found in the U.S., that means we can actually sell it, and that is part of what makes this dinosaur so rare. There's only been a handful of specimens that have been found. They're all in museums. This is the only one that's in commerce.”

The skeleton measures nearly

10 feet tall and 22 feet long