Rare Earth Coffee tasting room opens in Clovis

Unlike many coffee shops, this one doesn't want you to grab and go. They want you to stop and savor.

Video Transcript

- A new coffee shop in Clovis is celebrating their grand opening today. Action News reporter Shayla Girardin was in the neighborhood as Rare Earth Coffee opened their doors to customers and brings us an inside look at just what goes into these magic beans.

SHAYLA GIRARDIN: The smell of coffee beans greet customers long before they step inside Rare Earth Coffee.

TREVOR BEAL: It's an experience where people can see what we do, how we make our coffee, the differences in how we make our coffee, and taste it in real close proximity.

SHAYLA GIRARDIN: But unlike many coffee shops, this one doesn't just want you to grab and go. Instead, they want you to stop and savor.

TREVOR BEAL: We're opening up our tasting rooms. So people can come in and taste some of our fresh roast right from where we roast all of our coffee here in Clovis.

SHAYLA GIRARDIN: Located at Park Creek Drive in Pulaski Avenue, the tasting room gives customers a chance to experience all the roastery has to offer.

TREVOR BEAL: It's similar to wine tasting. We have what we call coffee flights. So a customer can come in and take a coffee flight and taste from light to medium to dark roast, as well as some of our espresso based drinks like lattes, mochas, mochiates, and our cold brew.

SHAYLA GIRARDIN: Rare Earths Coffee is air roasted. And they say you'll be able to taste the difference.

TREVOR BEAL: In only about 1% of coffee roasters in the world use this method. It's actually a way that we can create a nice crisp, strong, full body coffee without the bitter or sour after notes that some places encounter.

SHAYLA GIRARDIN: The shop is open Wednesday through Saturday, 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Shayla Girardin, ABC 30, Action News.