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Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson and Eric Edholm discuss the ridiculous amount of injuries the Browns are dealing with. Both of their offensive tackles, both of their star running backs and their quarterback. When will Maker Mayfield see the field again? Hear the full conversation on the You Pod to Win the Game podcast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript


CHARLES ROBINSON: To lose two tackles on your offensive line--


CHARLES ROBINSON: --to lose your top two running backs, who are both thousand-yard backs-- you know, they're on pace to be thousand-yard backs. To me, offensively, you have-- that guts you of your identity. And that's even before getting to Baker.

But we know-- I feel similar in terms of the Browns as I do with the Tennessee Titans. When I watched the Browns the last season plus six games, the ones that I've been most absolutely blown away by is just when they dominate teams running the football. And I'm like-- they would break opponents.

Like, opponents are just like, we cannot stop both of these backs. And we're getting muscled or getting beat up. Think you can do that with these injuries, and especially not with your two running backs down.

ERIC EDHOLM: Yeah. I love the interior. But right now, with the injuries at tackle, it really saps the entire unit of all its power, you know, all its attitude, all its identity. You're right. I mean, you know-- and, you know, it's not like, OK, you know, we've seen Demetric Felton have a big half. And, you know, they have other guys who could fill in.

But when you don't have both of your backs and being able to, you know, use those guys in a rotation that you've now worked out over 20 or so games the last two years, it really does hurt. So I mean, it-- [BLOWS AIR THROUGH LIPS] yeah. I mean, this one is-- it's gonna be tough to see.

And I don't know. What are we hearing on Baker? Like, what's the realistic timetable for him? Is it gonna just be a one game situation? Or are they gonna kind of play it week by week? Or what do you think on that?

CHARLES ROBINSON: I think-- so I had a chance to talk to somebody in depth on this who's on the inside. And what I was told was not obviously this week. But I mean, I think next week he's gonna look to get back in there. But the worry is-- inside the franchise-- is like, hey, what are-- realistically, when it's a labrum, even though it's not his throwing shoulder, what are the odds he's gonna make it the full--

ERIC EDHOLM: Good point.

CHARLES ROBINSON: --length of the season? I don't think there's a lot of confidence that-- I don't think there's anybody sitting in that building going, oh yeah, he's gonna come back, and we're gonna make it. No. I think they're like, oh, we are now in a situation where it's going to be pain management until something happens that it just can't be managed anymore. He's out. He's done. He has to get surgery. And we're finished.

I think that's how they're looking at this. It's not going to be a, hey, Baker gets healthy. It's a, Baker's not gonna be healthy the rest of the season. Now you gotta figure out how to deal with that.

ERIC EDHOLM: And I'm guessing that when Von Miller said he didn't know who he was going against this week, but he was gonna kill the guy-- when they heard that, that was the final straw. Like, we-- OK, Baker. I know you said it was your decision. We're gonna overrule you. I'm being half serious, I guess.

But seriously, they've got, you know, T.J. Watt twice this year. You know, Trey Hendrickson is-- stepped up for Cincinnati. You know, Matt Judon in New England. I'm just looking at their schedule.

Trey Flowers still playing well for a bad Lions team. Two games against the Ravens. They bring pressure. You know Maxx Crosby, the Raiders.

Maybe Za'Darius Smith is back by the time the-- every single week they've got a plus pass rusher on the other side of the ball. And so yeah, I mean, it's absolutely something that is gonna be dicey week to week, I would think, if that's the plan they're taking.

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