Rash of shootings strikes NYC in 24-hour span

Compared to this time last year -- where there was only one shooting -- there have been 14 incidents with 15 victims over the weekend.

Video Transcript

- A violent weekend in the five Boroughs. 15 people were shot in 14 separate shootings in just 24 hours, and one of those victims is a former NYPD police officer. She was wounded by a stray bullet as she left a party in Brooklyn. Eyewitness News reporter Naveen Dhaliwal in Red Hook, right now. Naveen?

NAVEEN DHALIWAL: Yeah, Joe, that former NYPD officer was leaving the Tesla party here on Van Brunt Street when gunfire erupted, and one of the bullets hit her in the stomach.

It was chaos moments after the shots were fired. Panic on Van Brunt Street in Red Hook after police say gunfire erupted. Investigators say a group of individuals not being allowed into a Tesla party got into a fight, and shots rang out, striking a woman. That 30-year-old, who's a former NYPD officer, was hit in the stomach moments after she left the party. But she is one of 15 victims involved in 14 shooting incidents in the last 24 hours.

Police also rushed to Crown Heights. Investigators say a 21-year-old man was shot in the back just after midnight at the corner of [? Nastran ?] Avenue and Montgomery Street. A witness says he was sitting in a car when someone fired several rounds in the vehicle. That victim was rushed to the hospital.

Detectives say he will likely not make it. And just an hour before that incident, an 18-year-old teenager was found dead with gunshot wounds to his face, chest, and right shoulder. Police say he was sitting on his stoop at East 225th Street when he was hit and killed.

And that 30-year-old police officer, investigators say, is expected to survive. All 14 shootings are under investigation at this hour. As far as the three that I mentioned, no arrests in any of them. Reporting live in Red Hook, Brooklyn, Naveen Dhaliwal, Channel 7, Eyewitness News.