Rattlesnake Roundup takes place as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted in Texas

Volunteers and spectators gather for the 'Rattlesnake Roundup' in Sweetwater, Texas as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted across the state. Participants handle and kill hundreds of rattlesnakes at the annual event.

Video Transcript

- Are there [INAUDIBLE]?

- Yep.

- Oh no.

- Oh god--

- Now you have to get somebody to touch it.

- So whenever the rattlesnake goes over and bites down with those fangs, it is a direct shot.

- It doesn't matter if you're in a big city or small community, eventually you may come across with one of these creatures, and our overall message is what to do whenever you encounter one. And if we're able to pass on that knowledge to other people, and if somebody's saved due to one of the, the things that we taught them, and they learn from our event, then this weekend has been a success.

- I heard a story that they were rattling less and less because [INAUDIBLE]