Ravenna puts a pause on self-storage units in the city

Ravenna is putting a temporary moratorium on the construction of self-storage facilities while officials consider changing the city's zoning regulations.

Ravenna Economic Development Director Dennis West said the freeze on storage units would not apply to any that already had been approved, and no new requests are pending. However, the city has been getting a lot of calls lately from people wanting to place units on vacant parcels in town.

"A lot of these parcels are ones that we want to reserve for commercial retail," he said. "We don't have a lot of available land, and we want something that will generate income tax for the city."

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The 12-month ban applies to self-storage units, pods and facilities. It does not apply to temporary storage units a property owner may use to relocate belongings when moving, West said.

In January, Streetsboro City Council enacted a moratorium on car washes and hotels in the city. City leaders said Streetsboro is doing a market analysis and will consider any recommended changes to its zoning regulations. Mayor Glenn Broska said he's trying to avoid a situation where a business sets up, only to close its doors because the market is saturated.

In pushing for the Streetsboro moratorium, officials there cited self-storage as an example of how zoning rules can be used to limit some types of businesses. Self-storage facilities were once allowed citywide, but now Streetsboro regulates the districts in which they are permitted.

"That way it's not arbitrary and capricious," Broska said.

West said Ravenna's year-long pause on the storage units will allow the city to take a look at its zoning code.

"We want Ravenna to look attractive for business expansion," West said.

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