Raw Video: 4 Recovering After Ending Up In Frigid Pond In Irving Park

A mother and father had a close call at an Irving park around 5:00 p.m. Friday, Feb. 19. The couple and their two kids were walking around Thomas Jefferson Park in Northwest Irving when the mother slipped and fell through the ice into the pond.

Video Transcript


- 10-4.


- [INAUDIBLE] traffic.

- All right, I'm going to start dropping here.

- Hey, hey, how strong a swimmer are you?

- I'm good.

- I'm real good.

- Yeah.

- Actually, I'll tell you what, I'll hold onto the rope. Just keep them on if you want to swim.

- Hey, same thing, if it gets thrown over your head, let it go over your head, OK?

- Grab that.

- Hey, hey, female, keep holding that one. He's going to give you another one. But let it go over your--

- So we push it all the way to them?

- There you go.


- What are you going to do, bud?


- Grab the ladder!

- Hey, hey, [INAUDIBLE].

- Grab the ladder.

- Do you want to go? I'm going to go.

- Just break the water.

- Grab the ladder. Grab the ladder. Grab the ladder.

- Let's go.


- Yeah, I got you, man.

- Hey, you get off the ice. Get off the ice. Put rope if you can. Hook it to that last rung. Get off the ice.

- I think we get much more weight, I think everybody is going to go in the water.



- Can you get him up at all?

- Hey, this rope that I'm pulling on your ankle. [INAUDIBLE] so I can at least pull you out now. Is she under or up?

- She's up.

- She's up right now. [INAUDIBLE]


- Oh, no, no, no, police, police.


- Shit.

- Where is Papa? Where is Papa?

- He's already there.

- Oh my god. Is that a lady? [INAUDIBLE]





- Oh gosh. Mama.