Theme for NYC Pride 2021 revealed

The theme for his year's NYC Pride reflects the multitude of battles that we are facing both as a city and a nation.

Video Transcript

- And as a result of the pandemic, we had to pivot really quickly from doing things in person to doing things virtually. And we've taken a lot of those lessons and applied a lot of those challenges to be able to one, not just expand on the virtual offerings that we're coming up with for next year, but bring back some events that we weren't able to do during the pandemic, like our youth pride, which normally sees several thousand kids in Central Park. Now, we're working on being able to bring that back in a virtual setting across the countries to allow youth who have really faced having issues of being connected to each other in order to be able to really bring that connection back to them.

Other events that we will highlight, like our Human Rights conference, our family movie night, events that we can really feature in a much larger format virtually. Our march will also be back in a virtual format, in many ways also, but we'll be bringing back in-person aspects to it, with safety concerns, of course, taken under consideration as soon as we know more information from the city.