Ahead of 4th of July, NYC launches illegal fireworks crackdown

"We're going after the people who bring these fireworks into New York City to begin with," de Blasio said. "We're getting right at the source."

Video Transcript

BILL DE BLASIO: We're going to focus constantly on keeping the people of this city safe. We're going into a summer that's going to be, in many ways, a wonderful summer, a summer of rebirth and redemption for the city. There's going to be amazing events and wonderful things to enjoy in this city.

But there's also challenges that come with that. Each summer, we look forward to the right kind of fireworks, and we'll talk about that in the days ahead, the kind of fireworks that everyone can enjoy safely and legally. But we also know there's a real problem with the wrong kind of fireworks.

Illegal fireworks are noisy. They disrupt the peace of neighborhoods, but they can also be dangerous. And we have to understand how important it is to ensure that illegal fireworks are confiscated so they can't do harm to people and communities.

We saw last year a three-year-old boy was sitting in his apartment in the Bronx, and someone set off an illegal firework right outside the window. It exploded. The little boy, Adiel, rushed to the hospital with cuts and burns. This is serious stuff.

And so our job is to pull together the work of many agencies to stop the fireworks from coming into New York City to begin with. This is a joint effort with the sheriff's office, the NYPD, and numerous other agencies of the city, the state, and the federal government, including the ATF. We talked about yesterday the work that they do in partnership with New York City.

So we're going after the people who bring these fireworks into New York City to begin with. We're getting right at the source, and this is what is going to help us to have a safer summer.