Raw Video: 'He Was Mean' - Neighbor Describes San Jose Mass Shooter Samuel Cassidy

A neighbor describes his interactions with Samuel Cassidy, the gunman in the San Jose VTA light rail yard mass shooting. (5/26/21)

Video Transcript

- I met him a couple of times. He never say yes or no. He just-- just coming-- just looking at me, just staring at me all the time. When I say hi, he keep looking at me. I was scared too though. My wife scared of him too.

You see him all the time in the morning. He works at 5 o'clock in the morning every morning.

- You said you were scared of him.

- I didn't scare him, but I'm kind of scared because he just looking at you.

- He's unfriendly?

- Unfriendly. No, not at all. He doesn't talk to anybody.

- Nobody?

- Nobody. How long has he lived in the neighborhood? He wasn't friends with anybody?

- 20 years maybe. I don't know. I've been--

- And he was friends with nobody?

- Nobody.

Sometimes he just kind of mad at me when I backing up his driveway, he say to me, get out of here! Don't even-- you know, don't even come in this driveway. And then after that, I don't talk to him anymore. He's mean.

- Did he have children, family?

- No, he got no family, not at all. I never seen him.

- Who'd he live with, nobody?

- By himself.

- Wait. So back up.

- He's a stranger.

- You would back your vehicle into his driveway to use it to maneuver to get out and he yelled at you.

- He yelling at you, get out. Don't even come through my house. He was-- he's kind of mean. So after that, I never talked to him.