Raymeon Means court appearance on capital murder charge of 6-year-old

Records show he was spent time behind bars since 2002 for numerous charges. Some include reckless injury to a child and endangering a child.

Video Transcript

- Mr. Means, you're here accused of the capital felony, offensive capital murder, where the allegation is that the complainant is under 10 years of age. This is an offense under 17.03 so I cannot approve a personal bond in your case. Probable cause exists in your case. Your case is in the 351st District Court with Judge Natalia Cornelio presiding. Would you like for Judge Cornelio to give you a court appointed attorney, Mr. Means?

RAYMEON MEANS: When I attend court or [INAUDIBLE].

- Actually, when you attend court.

RAYMEON MEANS: Well, uh, I'm [INAUDIBLE] to-- actually, when I get to court so I don't know when.

- You don't want one? OK.

RAYMEON MEANS: I just-- I ask the judge to appoint me one when I'm there.

- When you're there? OK. All right, are you a US citizen, Mr. Means?

RAYMEON MEANS: Now I am. I'm born in Haiti, Port-au-Prince.

- You're born in Haiti?

RAYMEON MEANS: Yes, born in Haiti.

- OK, so you're-- you're a resident?

RAYMEON MEANS: No, I have my social security by now.

- OK, so you are a US citizen now.


- OK. All right, and so let's back up. Miss [? Analhi, ?] did you speak to Mr. Means?

- Firstly, Your Honor, I don't know if you're going to ask him if he's going to-- if he wants a representation.

- Well, here is the thing, since this is a 17.03 offense, and it's a capital, that's-- and I know what you mentioned earlier about not having the history, I didn't have it either. So I'm just going to let Judge-- in capital cases, we let the trial court judge make the call because I don't have the authority to do so anyway, OK? So we-- usually we just ask about counsel and citizenship and move forward. So was there anything that you wanted to put on the record, Miss [? Analhi ?] or Miss [? Bradbury? ?]

- I do not have anything at this time, Your Honor.

- You don't? OK, Miss Bradbury?

- Yes, Your Honor, just-- the state filed a motion to deny bail for a capital offense. And if he wanted to hear bond conditions at this time, we can go over the bond conditions, judge.

- OK, well then, Miss [? Analhi, ?] what is your position regarding their request to deny bail?

- We would object [INAUDIBLE] Constitution article 1, section 11 A. And that'd be all, thank you.

- All right, thank you, Miss [? Analhi, ?] so no position or request on bail?

- From the public defender's office?

- Yes.

- If he gives his permission to represent live request on bail.

- OK. All right, Mr. Means, do you want Miss [? Analhi ?] to speak on your behalf right now?

RAYMEON MEANS: Can I, um, deserve to split my bill for something I don't understand that I did or--

- OK, wait, wait, wait.

- Sir, please do not speak any more.

- Yeah, Mr.-- OK, so I'm not-- I'm not Judge Cornelio, so I don't have any authority to decide or control any type of determination as to whether or not you're guilty or not, and you have a right to a jury trial. So do you want that lady to help you right now, yes or no?


- OK, all right. Miss [? Bradbury, ?] what are the bail conditions requested by the state?

- A GPS monitor, Your Honor. No contact with any child under the age of 17. No weapons or firearms, or drugs and alcohol [INAUDIBLE] urinalysis. The state requests the defendant be required to surrender his passport and all travel documents, and that the defendant be prohibited from obtaining a passport or any travel documents while the state's pending house arrest, Your Honor. No contact with the complainant's family. Nothing further, judge.

- All right, thank you, Miss [? Bradbury, ?] one moment please.

OK, Miss [? Bradbury, ?] you said GPS, no weapons or firearms, travel restriction, and you said no contact with the complainant's family?

- Yes, Your Honor.

- And the complainant's initials are what, LW?

- LW, yes, Your Honor.

- OK. All right, I'm not setting bail in this matter. It's going to be referred to Judge Cornelio in the 351st District Court.

Mr. Means, you are going to be required to get a GPS monitor in five days if you are released on any type of bond. You're not to possess any weapons or firearms at all. You must remain here in Harris County, Texas, or counties surrounding Harris County. You'll have to get permission from Judge Cornelio to travel outside-- outside of those boundaries. You're under house arrest, or curfew basically, unless you're going to and from work, or if you're enrolled in school, or if you're going to court, or if you're seeking medical treatment. And you're not to have any contact whatsoever with the family of the complainant in this case, LW, OK?

You'll get a copy of these conditions from pretrial services. Please see the bailiff, Mr. Means.

RAYMEON MEANS: Y'all, I have one concern. This is in Pasadena, Texas. This Harris County.

- Pasadena is in Harris County, Mr. Means.

RAYMEON MEANS: That's how I see it.

- Exactly, within the boundaries of Harris County, Texas.

RAYMEON MEANS: They have [? expedition ?] regulations?

- OK, deputy-- Kennedy, go ahead and take him out, please.