Razer Nabu Apps Surface, Now Where's the Device?

Razer Nabu Apps Surface, Now Where's the Device?
Tom's Guide / Marshall Honorof

Razer's hybrid smartwatch/fitness band, the Nabu, got a lot of attention when the company announced it, but has been almost dormant since then. Those keeping an eye out for it may want to resume paying attention, as the device's release date could be drawing close. Razer released two official Nabu apps to the iOS, Android and Windows Phone app stores: one to control the device, and one to monitor fitness.

You can actually install both Fitness and Utility on your phone right now (assuming it's compatible; the appropriate app store link will tell you if it is), although there's not much you can do without the accompanying smartband. The Utility app helps you sync the smartband and determine what you want it to monitor, while the Fitness app monitors steps taken, calories burned and sleep cycles.

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Android news site Android Central pointed out that the FCC recently gave Razer the thumbs-up to sell the Nabu in the United States, and theorizes that the device will go on sale sooner rather than later. If Razer could get the band out in time for the holidays, it could pick up quite a few sales — if the device is really ready to go. Getting savaged by critics and fans won't help its case if it's undercooked.

Tom's Guide went hands-on with the Razer Nabu at CES 2014 and liked both the device's stylishness and its distinctive two-screen design. Both the fitness band and smartwatch spaces have grown considerably more crowded since then, though, so the Nabu will likely have to be something special to measure up to the competiton.

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