Read and React: War of words at the World Cup

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War of words at the World Cup

Ali Krieger answers questions on Saturday. (AP)
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How do you know women's soccer is getting big?

Well, there are any number of reasons, really, but how about this?

We've got some fun sh*t-talking through the media!

Yep. The United States plays Spain in a round of 16 knockout game today at noon ET (FS1) and both sides are giving the other bulletin board material heading into the game.

Dan Wetzel is over in France and has the whole story, but the crib notes version is this: American defender Ali Krieger is feeling confident in her squad's chances and says the United States side is so deep it actually has the two best teams in the field.

Told about this claim, Spanish midfielder Virginia Torrecilla had a simple but cutting four-word response: "Who is Ali Krieger?"

Krieger, a member of the 2015 winning World Cup team, is far from an unknown, but we appreciate Torrecilla's moxie. Spain may not have a good chance at beating the Americans, but you need any kind of edge when you're about to face a team that beat its first three opponents by a combined score of 18-0.

Also, as Wetz writes, Torrecilla's attitude is emblematic of a world field that is quickly closing the gap on the Americans. While Krieger is right in saying this team is ridiculously deep, the reality is that the second squad of Americans probably wouldn't have as easy a time as Krieger thinks.

Not now and definitely not in the future.

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