Read our favorite Tampa Bay ghost stories — if you dare

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We take spooky season seriously here at the Tampa Bay Times.

This year, members of the Life & Culture team set out to tell local ghost stories. One even got in on the action with a paranormal investigation of his own.

Read on to find out which Florida restaurants, homes and hotels are haunted hotspots.

For the scaredy cats, fear not. In addition to our local ghost stories, we’ve also included fun Halloween coverage from around the Tampa Bay area.

Ghosts and ghouls of Tampa Bay

Our reporter tried to stay overnight in Tampa’s most haunted building

The Cuban Club supposedly has hundreds of ghosts. Are they real? We sent Paul Guzzo to investigate. He’s still recovering.

Stormy Daniels and her haunted doll looked for ghosts at a Safety Harbor restaurant

We didn’t expect to write that Mad Libs of a sentence, but here we are. The adult star-turned-paranormal investigator came to Gigglewaters for the boos and stayed for the brews.

Creepy tales from the historic — and haunted — Tampa Theatre

The old movie house is haunted, according to those who work there. Read about the haunted hotspots in the building here.

The ghosts of the Suntan Art Center in St. Pete Beach

The Suntan Art Center in St. Pete Beach is full of creative energy, with classes and exhibits featuring works by local artists. But some say a paranormal energy also exists at its Don Vista Building location.

At Gulfport’s Historic Peninsula Inn, reports of a friendly ghost

Not all spirits are scary. An entity called “Isabelle” is said to haunt this historic property.

In Brooksville, May-Stringer House owns its ‘Florida’s most haunted’ title

The Victorian home has had reports over the years of cold spots, mists and the sound of a crying child. The background, as with many ghost stories, starts with tragedy.

A Tampa ghost hunter investigated Dracula’s castle. Did he speak to her?

Historians have long debated whether Vlad Tepes, the inspiration for Dracula, ever spent time in the castle on which the character’s residence is based. A Tampa ghost hunter says she might have gotten the answer directly from the man himself.

More Halloween fun

Meet the dancing Witches of Dunedin

“Smoke rolled. Music played, seemingly from nowhere. The synchronized dance began, brooms and all.”

Who are those witches that pop up around Dunedin unannounced? We found out.

Florida’s Spook Hill defies gravity. What’s the secret of the thrill?

According to lore, this historic gravity hill gives you an eerie sensation of being pulled backward uphill. It’s puzzled visitors for decades. We set out to solve the mystery.

Halloween light show in South Tampa raises money for charity

Sam Johnson was a teenager when he came up with an idea to entertain and give back. The largely self-taught techie puts on three shows a night every weekend during Halloween and in December for Christmas to raise money for charity. Here’s where to find it.

Tampa’s Daniel Roebuck to star as Grandpa Munster in ‘The Munsters’

The movie will be directed by Rob Zombie and star Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman Munster and Sheri Moon Zombie as Lily Munster. Here’s what we know about the project.

Tampa doctors shared advice for keeping kids safe from COVID this Halloween

Trick-or-treating outdoors is fine, our reporter found, but masking up is key.

A list of pumpkin products we found in grocery stores to welcome fall

Getting hungry? Here’s where to find a bounty of pumpkin-flavored foods.

Easy Halloween costume ideas for the continued collapse of society

Shipping delays got your ghostly looks in peril? Turn to one of these simple solutions.

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