To read or not to read - Oklahoma legislators, parents talk book banning

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I'm Cheyenne Derksen, lead regional planning editor for the Sunbelt and content planner for The Oklahoman. For planners, we love having a bird's eye view of every story in the news cycle; we tie on the bows and hand-deliver each story to the reader who might love it just as much as we do.

But in that polishing process, some stories catch our attention, and we find ourselves sitting down to just read.

This week, one story that did that for me is Carmen Forman's scoop on a widespread fight over library books coming to Oklahoma. A state senator proposed legislation that would allow parents to seek the removal of any title that contains sexual content, with harsh penalties for schools that don’t comply.

Carmen's reporting dives into what an Oklahoma school system did to safeguard students, but still ensure young readers could access new worldviews in parent-approved ways.

The conversation isn't over yet, so I'm excited to see what more will come as Carmen continues to follow this scoop (and I also have a new reading list).

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This article originally appeared on Oklahoman: To read or not to read - Oklahoma legislators, parents talk book banning

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