Reader warns that SCOTUS rulings are tearing down wall separating church and state

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Tearing down wall

The Supreme Court of the United States has snatched away a female right that has been the law of the land for more than 50 years.

States can now deny rights to women, but states cannot protect their citizens with meaningful gun legislation. This court is legislating from the bench and making up their own Constitution, which is not in the best interests of anyone, especially young people, females, and people of color.

The Constitution built a wall of separation between church and state. This court is tearing down that wall, piece by piece.

What rights will they take away next? Access to contraceptives, your right to breath fresh air, or your right to drink clean water? Maybe your right to vote, or maybe all your civil rights.

Though we cannot change the members of the Supreme Court, we can elect people who will pass laws that will negate Supreme Court rulings that are not in the best interest of the country.

If you are young, female or a person of color, vote for individuals at all levels of government who support and vote in your best interests.

Don’t believe their words, believe their actions.

Tony Amadeo, Sun City

Other reasons?

On June 24, as transcribed by the White House (WH.GOV), President Joe Biden made the following televised remarks regarding the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade: “So extreme that women and girls who are forced to bear their rapist’s child … it just stuns me. Imagine having — a young woman having to carry the child of incest — as a consequence of incest.”

Since Mr. Biden did not mention any other reasons for pregnancies that end in abortion, it appears that he thinks (and presumably would have us think) that the main, if not only, reason for abortions is rape and incest.

It might be worth Mr. Biden’s noting information that is readily available via USA Today (May 24, 2019) that states: “Just 1% of women obtain an abortion because they became pregnant through rape, and less than 0.5% do so because of incest, according to the Guttmacher Institute. Yet the battle over exceptions for both has garnered outsized attention in the national abortion debate.”

Might it be possible that reasons other than rape and incest exist for women getting pregnant and/or wanting an abortion?

Tom Dorsel, Hilton Head

Read policies

The ads for Medicare C (Advantage) are very misleading.

I have worked in health care for more than 50 years, often having to explain to patients that they have no more coverage for wound care or for a nurse to assist with IV infusions or diabetic teaching, so they will need to do it themselves.

Many people are not able to do it themselves, and they have no one to help.

Medicare Advantage is a managed care product designed to make money -- clearly it has worked, otherwise, they could not possibly afford the thousands of dollars spent on marketing.

Medicare “C” is cash management not care management. Straight Medicare does not

spend money on marketing – only actual patient care.

Read those policies carefully.

Lynda Laff, Hilton Head

A simple fix

As a resident of Shelter Cove, I notice there are several sewer grates along the curbs where most Town Square shops are, and they frequently collect plastic and glass bottles, plastic cups, paper and other trash.

I have seen people use the grates to toss such trash or seen the wind blow similar items into the grates which are directly connected to Broad Creek.

The grates along the curbs have a huge opening. A simple fix to this would be an inexpensive screen/cage to trap the litter to prevent it from reaching Broad Creek. This would save money in the long run by preventing pollution and a need to maintain/clean the drainage system years from now,

How is it that the town with its popular storm water management office didn’t require this when constructed?

Dan Shinder, Hilton Head