Readers comment on affordable housing, preventing traffic deaths and more

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A construction crew works to build a new apartment complex in Gainesville.
A construction crew works to build a new apartment complex in Gainesville.

Constructive ideas needed

I read Kim Tanzer’s guest opinion column of Dec. 12 with interest. Tanzer’s credentials listed below the column were impressive. The column, however, raised questions for me.

She asserts that the term “affordable housing” is a “Trojan horse” being used by the City Commission and planning staff to impose a belief in “market-based ‘affordable housing.’” She also paints “inclusionary zoning” concepts with the same brush. My questions are whether she believes affordable housing to be a valid issue needing to be addressed seriously and, if so, whether she has constructive ideas that would be helpful to an ongoing search for solutions.

I did not find alternative approaches to be addressed in her article. I certainly agree that what our city is currently doing in the arena of affordable housing is not sufficient. On the other hand, it is easier, I believe, to denigrate current approaches than to advance creative, consensus-seeking ideas.

If the problem is real and approaches either under consideration or being pursued don’t work, we must find alternatives that allow real progress to be made. Her help is needed.

Tony Miller, Gainesville

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Build overpasses

I read with sadness the death of 4-year-old Dylan Roberts, who was hit by a car on East University Avenue. I would like to offer my suggestion to improve the safety for the other kids in the area.

Build an overpass like the one in the city of Alachua and also build one on Northwest 34th Street between Westwood Middle and Littlewood Elementary schools. The overpass in Alachua is fenced so that objects cannot be thrown to injure motorists.

Bettye Stoney Allen, Gainesville

Corrupt politicians

In reference to Jo Anne Engelbert’s recent column on Honduran president-elect Xiomara Castro, I wonder if Engelbert has listened to Castro’s remarks praising Hugo Chavez and his revolution. If Castro is planning to follow her role model, I have more pity now for the Honduran people.

Is Engelbert aware of the situation in Venezuela? The sad problem of our poor Latin American people is that they believe in these Marxist leaders who offer them a change and then they found themselves in a worse situation than before. Always corrupt politicians!

Coralia García, Gainesville

A life with purpose

At this time of year some people take stock of their lives and what they have accomplished since the beginning of the year.

Unfortunately, some people feel that they have not achieved enough toward their goals for the year. This can lead to despondency and other problems.

Many great thinkers have said that the worst death is a “death of obscurity.” Although most people dream of fortune and fame, a precious few get to experience that lifestyle.

And while many people may not be household names that does not mean their life has not had purpose.

If you have gone to work and produced something, performed tasks that are necessary to help people live or sold products that they need, you have had purpose. This is especially true of the front-line participants in the health care field and grocery workers. Every truck driver who has hauled a load has made a difference in someone’s life. These are no small tasks.

Also know that if you have helped anyone with a problem this year, they will always remember that kindness. The flame of your soul will burn brightly in that person’s mind and your memory will forever flourish in their heart.

Hayward Simpson, Lake City

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This article originally appeared on The Gainesville Sun: Letters to the editor for Dec. 19, 2021

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