Readers sound off on Trump’s immigration stance, Judge Engoron’s decision and after-market batteries

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Not everyone who supports Trump’s run likes him

Staten Island: Say whatever you want about Donald Trump — he is nasty, pompous, egotistical, self-centered and a bully. Love him or hate him, but he was right on the money about letting all these illegal immigrants into the country.

Not all of them are bad, but they have brought deadly drugs and guns. Some of them are criminals. The 15-year-old who shot up Times Square is a perfect example. He was given a place to live, an iPhone, a prepaid credit card, food, clothes, medical coverage and free transportation to anywhere he chose to go. Yet nobody is bringing up the fact that he is walking around wearing designer outfits, carrying a very expensive and deadly handgun and wearing a gold chain around his neck.

Where the hell is the outrage from the people who voted for the mayor, governor and the president who invited them here and welcomed them with open arms and open pocketbooks? I voted for Trump twice, and I will vote for him again because we need to stop this mayhem. I don’t like him personally, but he is better than what we have, and we need him.

I wish Donny would just shut the hell up and let the Democrats’ actions and policies do the speaking for him. If someone would just put a piece of duct tape on his mouth until after the election, he will win in a landslide of epic proportions. Tony Anastasio

Americans first

Bronx: Thousands of people are crossing the southern border and entering the country illegally and the Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to let them stay. This is an insult to the millions of American citizens that sleep on the streets every night. Imagine if Democrats used that same energy to help homeless Americans. Shouldn’t we first get Americans off the streets before we keep letting more people in? As a second-generation American, I am not against immigrants. But the laws about coming here should be enforced. My grandparents, like millions of others, came here legally and it’s unfair when others are allowed to jump to the front of the line. So while Democrats keep fighting for people who come here illegally because they want the American dream, they should remember that homeless Americans once had a dream. Maybe we should start spending our money to help them first. Stephen Hill

Dangers of dictatorship

Bronx: I don’t want a dictator for president. Do all of you who are voting for Trump want a dictator to run our country? Be careful what you wish for. Trump loves to brainwash the American people, and he has done a good job of it. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I’ll be happy if he goes to prison instead of the White House. Some people think Trump is God. He’s not, he’s Lucifer. Doris Festante

Boss woman

Massapequa Park, L.I.: God bless Fani Willis, she has balls of steel — something that the Republicans lack (“Georgia DA and top aide admit affair but say it won’t hurt Trump probe,” Feb. 16). They have no backbone. They should listen and learn from this strong woman. With the case she is bringing against Trump, he will be brought down and hopefully be thrown in prison. Frank Mullahey

Seems needy

Brooklyn: Trump says in his latest deposition that he is a billionaire many times over. But not 30 minutes passed before a GoFundMe page was up asking for donations. His campaign sent out emails asking his cultists to help fight all the corruption in our justice system. How gullible are his followers!? The only corruption comes from the Trump Family Crime Syndicate and the Republican Party. Oh, wasn’t the main witness in the Biden impeachment hearings arrested for lying to the FBI? Harvey Kaplan

Façade of wealth

Brooklyn: Though a judge ruled that the Fifth Ave. edifice may remain the ex-president’s real estate holding, perhaps there should be a ballot referendum in November to let voters decide if the name should suitably be modified to Chump Tower. Neil S. Friedman

Monetary damages

Bronx: The Trump Organization claims that no entity lost money because of its financial fraud. Instead, they brag, they all profited. Assuming this fraudulent behavior is a pattern, Trump obviously filed false financial statements when he borrowed multi-millions to buy and build other businesses, from casinos to air shuttles. When he declared bankruptcy numerous times, he walked away unscathed while those institutions and all investors lost their money. Assuming he had filed honest statements, would they have made those loans or invested? David Fisher

Strategy guide

Redondo Beach, Calif.: “The Art of the Deal” could be reissued with the subtitle: “How to Cheat the System and Get Ahead.” John Chevedden

City support

Massapequa Park, L.I.: Before Tom Suozzi gloats too much about his winning against the Republicans, let me remind him that Nassau County did not elect him — Queens did. And let me state to the people who did vote for him that he is a politician who votes strictly along party lines, no matter what he tells you. And his is the party that is destroying this state and country. Enjoy your victory. Thomas Facchiano

A Russian martyr

Manhattan: The heartbreaking news about Alexei Navalny leaves our world with one less patriot willing to sacrifice himself for the concept of freedom and democracy. Will this loss force members of Congress who seem to care only for holding onto their jobs and making Trump happy see what genuine courage looks like? Will it inspire them to save our democracy by sending aid to Ukraine? Let’s hope so. Chris Santoro

Lethal inaction

Brooklyn: Another mass shooting and the politicians won’t enact gun control to alleviate the situation. Pete Hamill used to wonder how many home runs Babe Ruth would have hit without a bat. I would never vote for a politician who didn’t want gun control. Don Adler

Corporate expediency

Manhattan: I have been on an AARP supplemental medical plan since I retired. My partner just gave up his Medicare Advantage plan because his hospital was slowly refusing it. He has joined the AARP/United Health Care that I have. Out of the blue, I was charged for both his payment and mine, and when we called to find out why, they said, “You are one household.” This is absurd. They just assumed our payments should be joined. What if we were roommates? Friends living together? We are then “one household”? AARP/United Health Care should be ashamed. This makes it easier for them but it is quite an assumption to make. Now my partner had to pay me back, and we had to spend many hours on the phone trying to get our accounts separated. People spend so many hours trying to untangle mistakes and misunderstandings. Life used to be simple. Marcia Epstein

Key changes

Brooklyn: Being a die-hard Green Bay Packers and New York Yankees fan, I think the Packers desperately need a kicker and the Yankees need to release Giancarlo Stanton, eat up his contract and let the rookies play. Billy Somma


Manhattan: Our FDNY commissioner recently went to Congress to request that after-market e-bike lithium-ion batteries be declared illegal. If authorities can’t stop illegal drugs and guns from coming into NYC, why do they think a new law will stop illegal lithium-ion batteries? Mayor Adams decided that a new Department of Sustainable Delivery is the solution, likely complete with a high-salaried e-bike czar and staff. I’m sure Adams has a buddy that needs a government job. The solution is to realize that e-bikes and e-scooters are motor vehicles. They should be registered, insured and inspected as the DMV requires for all motor vehicles. When congestion pricing goes into effect, I predict that there will be a proliferation of e-bike trucks and e-bikes with tandem wagons at the Central Business District borders. Trucks will transfer their goods to the e-bikers to avoid the CBD fees. No plate, no problem. Vincent Novak